This is what I think is valuable and available from other people who has instilled trust in me.

Project Management

PM Theory into Practice – Bill Duncan is one of the world’s leading experts on project management. Yes he is… (Don’t tell anybody but he was the guy who wrote the first PMBOK – primary author of original PMBOK Guide)

Ron Rosenhead – Ron Rosenhead has been involved in project management for 15 years, including training, consulting, coaching as well as speaking at conferences.

The Lazy Project ManagerPeter Taylor a dynamic and commercially astute professional who has achieved notable success in project management, program management and the professional development of project managers.

Business Intelligence

Peter Thomas – Peter is a Business Intelligence and Cultural Transformation Expert and has extensive management experience in insurance, manufacturing and software development.


Jennifer Sertl – Dear friend of mine, co-author of Strategy, Leadership and the Soul, Founder Agility3R, Beacon of hope, Purveyor of discipline, Global Citizen, Transleader, Coach and Facilitator. Exceptional human being…

The Future

Andres Agostini – Example to all, author of Futuretronium Book, into Future Studies and Foresight Research, as well as Trannsformative And Integrative Risk Management. One of the most recognised scientists alive today and an incredibly good friend to have.

Don’t be sacred to notify me if you have an exceptional resource – leave a comment.


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