Project Management Essentials

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4 thoughts on “Project Management Essentials

  1. They added a tenth knowledge area (Stakeholder management) in the new PMBoK, Anton. I think you should update! And the PMBoK do not say much about the WHY ( written in 2009 – but still true)…. and was not around when they built the Golden Bridge. Not sure something that has 400 pages + is about the essential. My humble opinion. I suggest you have a look at John Croft’s model ( and ; those look more like the essentials to me. Cheers. Claude

    • …and your post is a very good one. In fact all you say is essential and do not need the reference to anything other than your fine experience. PMBoK is daunting even for the old timer ! 🙂

    • Our aims are aligned :). Visit me sometimes ( ). I’ll launch next week. Still a little book about my vision of the agile mindset to complete to start it right. Have a awesome day too, Anton. Cheers from Montreal 🙂

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