Planning – 2012 – Done!!!

Wow, it is almost the end of January 2012!!

Have you woken up from the festive season yet?

Have you realised that this year will be shorter than last year – Yes it will…

Let me explain.

If you are 10 years old this year would present 10% of your life. If you are 20 years old, it only forms – Well see the graph below.


% Year Graph

% Year Graph

Yup, as you grow older, the faster life gets…

So would you like this to be a good year?


Big Smile...

Big Smile...

Big smile and some nodding please…

Would you like me to tell you a secret?




Ok, if you insist…





If you want to make 2012 a stunning, smashing, extraordinary, fabulous, amazing and simply breath-taking year…

Do this…

  • Realise that YOU are probably the most limiting factor in your own life;
  • Acknowledge that YOU can change this;
  • Accept that you are capable of reaching for more and / or better things;
  • Understand that only YOU can affect permanent changes by CHANGING what you-
    • Think,
    • Say,
    • Do
  • You NEED to live in harmony (with yourself and others) therefore you need to consider the following aspects –
    • Financial,
    • Emotional,
    • Physical,
    • Spiritual,
    • Social,
    • Intellectual
  • Only by determining a SOLID goal for each of these, will you change things for the better

Now for the difficult part.

Treat yourself to some




If something is not working for you, admit it, change it and move along people…

This will allow you to gain self-






Yes you are...

Yes you are...

Love, light, abundance and overwhelming joy for the year to come…

Don’t be shy, share this with someone…


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