When is enough enough?

We have all heard someone say – “Enough is enough”; mostly because of some dissatisfaction.



That simple statement got me wondering – just when is enough enough? How would we know, how can we measure it?



The short answer is….


When it drives you to DO something; change something…

But life is rarely that simple and that short. So let’s have a look….

Doing something requires change.

Change in one or many of the following:

  • Attitude
  • Thought
  • Speech
  • Behaviour
  • Actions
  • Planning
  • Expectations
  • Measurement

Change meets resistance…

Short explanation

It is a law of nature – refer Newton

Movement (physical or not) generates a force called inertia. To change direction, course, speed, and intended outcome requires one to overcome the initial inertia. That force has to be big enough to not only make the change on its own, but has to be big enough to overcome that which preceded it (history).

Herein lays both the problem and the answer.

If you want to change something there HAS to be a certain level of firmness, determination, willpower and good old guts. That’s not all – You will need enough fuel in the tank to get you there; allow you to apply a continuous stream of energy to ENSURE the desired outcome.

THIS is where the answer resides.

Enough is only enough when you have built up enough resolve to apply the sustained effort required to affect the changes on a sustainable basis.

This will make you a super-human.



So are you fed up enough to overcome the obstacles that will prevent you from succeeding?

If yes – GO BABY GO… Nothing can stop you!!!

If no – FIND the reasons to feed the dissatisfaction until ENOUGH is ENOUGH.

Please comment, share, tweet, link or do whatever you can to get this message to your friends, links, connections, down lines and any other social connection you may have – It may just be the answer they have been looking for.

Have a Happy Day…


2 thoughts on “When is enough enough?

  1. With some hindsight, I have come to realise that this is the basis of all motivation and enthusiasm. Whatever you do will be based upon the MEASURE to which you have defined your dissatisfaction with the present state.

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