Riding the Rollercoaster of LIFE

An extract from a mail I received recently and I know that with the wealth of information you offer and the happiness you exude (even through an email…) that you must have endured some tough times in the past. I think that the only way to finally have a positive experience and attitude towards life is to have undergone an experience when you possibly lost it all… (Whether it may be money, love, death, etc…) If life is always wonderful- how can anyone truly know what wonderful is; if they’ve never experienced any turbulence –

There are so many questions that I have in my head. So many things I don’t understand.


  • Why do people expend more energy on planning a vacation, than planning their lives?
  • Why do we need a destination before we drive a vehicle, but we can drive our lives without one?
  • Why do we need guru’s on the internet to tell us that caring for one another is the most important thing in life?
  • Why do we focus more on financial abundance than on spiritual abundance?
  • Why is personal commitment so difficult to maintain, but we can remain “idle” on something forever?
  • Why is there a difference between understanding something and living that realisation?

Why do we do this to ourselves?


One of the first quotes that I wanted attributed to me was:

Learn from other people’s mistakes, because you will not have time to make them all by yourself.


Humans seem to only learn through pain – The more intense or larger the pain, the sharper the growth.

Is this like a law of nature? Is it the same as the law that war is responsible for elevated technological growth?

Were the ancient Chinese correct when they described yin–yang?


yin yang

yin yang

In Asian philosophy, the concept of yin yang, which is often referred to in the West as “yin and yang“, is used to describe how polar opposites or seemingly contrary forces are interconnected and interdependent in the natural world, and how they give rise to each other in turn. Opposites thus only exist in relation to each other. The concept lies at the origins of many branches of classical Chinese science and philosophy, as well as being a primary guideline of traditional Chinese medicine, and a central principle of different forms of Chinese martial arts and exercise. Many natural dualities—e.g. dark and light, female and male, low and high, cold and hot— are thought of as manifestations of yin and yang (respectively). [wikipedia.org]


To be honest, it may be true…

But my experience life is more like a rollercoaster. There are scary bits, exciting bits, exhilarating bits, bits that take your breath away and then there are the huge up’s and downs, not to forget the twisty bits in between.

But in the end they the rides are over too quickly, and even though you have experienced a lot, the embarking and disembarking points are usually close to one another; meaning you did not progress that much.






Life is a present – Unwrap it.

Be like a child, scream your head off, laugh exuberantly, throw your arms in the air and go WooooooHooo!!!

Forget everything else except extracting the pleasure from the ride you are on at the moment.


This is the most astonishing thing…

We all know the “rules of life”.

But we need people to remind us somehow?

Thank you for reading this – Much love and Gratitude.


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3 thoughts on “Riding the Rollercoaster of LIFE

  1. I believe this is very true. I have been through quite the rollercoaster ride growing up and that is why I think I am so loving and caring, why I want to experience and learn new things all the time. I love people and I love to share experiences good or bad. I feel closer and more bonded with the ones that share my experiences with. All experiences are lessons whether good or bad. we each as individuals have to decide whether we will learn from them, and what we consider blessings and a present from God. I love this article, thank you Anton! I Love You my friend.and always will.

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