Faith and Trust – How do they work?

We have experienced really cold weather during the last week. European cold… I mean properly cold…

While standing outside this morning I looked at the sky, clouds are grey and gloomy almost ominous, the air is thick with moisture and the air has a vicious cold snap to its fingers. There is a barely perceptible movement of air, but because the ambient temperature is so low, it feels like the fingers of the grim reaper.

Dark and Gloomy

Dark and Gloomy

Then I thought… “It is hard to believe that the sun is shining right behind them.”

I realised that this is how faith works…….

It did not matter how cold it was down here, it did not matter how thick the clouds were. The wind, the rain….. swirling fog…. biting cold moisture…

It just did not matter


Right behind them there is a sun….

Not just any sun, our sun, the sun we know well….

Above Clouds

Above Clouds

It’s like you know that at some stage it will forcefully break through the clouds…

It will pierce these clouds, at first just a little bit… some streaks will begin to show…

Sun Streak

Sun Streak

The clouds are not the stronger element here… The sun is…

Drive the clouds back, it will….

And eventually it will heat up the atmosphere…


Clear Sky

Clear Sky

So the next time you face a dark and clod moment in your life….

Remember the sun is shining right behind them.

It is there…. For you, and me and…

Much love and care.


6 thoughts on “Faith and Trust – How do they work?

  1. That was a very beautiful example or comparisons. Such a uplifting and inspiring way to start the day, weekend, or rest of our lives. Thank you so much Anton. :o) my heart smiles when you share your valuable wisdom and love.

  2. Only rainbows after rain…The sun will always come again….It’s a circle, circling….around again it comes around! This makes perfect sense! I believe the same goes for anything we want in life. Even if a person didn’t have a million dollars in their possession the money is still in circulation and just waiting for the taking. Great post Anton.

    Avian Morales
    OYM International

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