Why – The practical side of Motivation.

Wow, how do these things happen? Just as unintentional as the series of posts with regards to love (Love – what do you think it is?
Management – Do you need Love, Care and Trust?
Love – Where does it belong?) developed, so we end up with a series regarding motivation (The secret to overcoming…, Motivation – Inside and Out…).

It is through our interaction as readers and writers that the ideas and topics grow into something of both substance and value. I would like to that you for your contribution….

So quick recap – So far we have looked at the theory (Motivation – Inside and Out…), understanding (The secret to overcoming…) and today I would like to explore just how these things come together within our lives. How do we apply the knowledge and change it into something that “lives” within us – a consciousness that affects our behaviour and reaction to the world in a sustainable manner?

We ALWAYS require motivation to do things (good and bad). There isn’t a murder mystery or cop story that does not in some way hinge on understanding the motive that drove the person to act in such a criminal or hideous way.

Motivation - Understanding WHY?

Motivation - Understanding WHY?


To avoid repetition, we are going to dispense of any extrinsic motivation and concentrate solely on intrinsic motivation AND we will only find out how to harness these motivations for our own benefit.

STEP 1 – Know where you are.

This can be either difficult or easy depending on how honest you are willing to get with the person in the mirror (Not brutal, just honest). Use tools if you need to ( Maslow’s hierarchy of needs,  Stephen Covey ) help you figure this out in all the aspects of your life.

Step 2 – Know where you want to be.

The sky is the limit…. No, really, the sky is the limit. ONLY YOU can limit what you can achieve. So look at it from a practical sense. 5 years from today, then 2 ½ years from today, 1 year from today, 6 months ….

Step 3 – Understand what you need to get there.

It is just like planning a trip. How much money, clothes (which kinds), time and other things will it take to get there? Ok sometimes it may also require effort and work. NOTE: If you do not know, now would be a good time to find out.

Step 4 – Why?

Understand to the fullest extent possible to you WHY you need to reach each milestone (the in-between destinations). This you have to know in great detail.

The rules:

  • The internal reason why (motivation) has to exceed all possible obstacles that you may encounter in achieving this goal.
  • The reason does not HAVE to be positive – If you simply want to prove to Aunt Betsy sooooooo baaaad….. (insert evil grin here).
  • The reason has to be your own, from the inside, not borrowed or bought, stolen or lent.
  • The reason has to be almost immovable or unchangeable – if external factors can change it????

If this is not true – YOU WILL FAIL, or give up, or simply won’t start because you will know that you will not make it. The reason why does not

Step 5 – Visualise

See yourself achieving the goal. Feel the elation, the excitement and the relief. Feel the tears of joy and pride, hear the crowd roar and the people shouting your name, the President shaking your hand …. Ok, just teasing, but it has to be a realistic as possible.

Step 6 – Engage

Just do it. One day at a time, NEVER giving up, step by step, onwards, forward, up-up and away. It will not always be easy in if it gets tough – look at the work you did in step 4.

I promise you here and now that this is the only way that you or any person will EVER achieve ANYTHING of substance. There is simply no other way in which people achieve meaningful things…

Connection Between Motivation & Action

Connection Between Motivation & Action


Now that you have “seen the light”, share this with Uncle Fred, your mother, the bloke you don’t like at work and your friends….

Drop me a note – share it somewhere, just don’t let it sit here….

Hope you have an Happy Day


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