Mistakes – Lessons in life and humility

If you do anything of importance or substance, you are bound to make mistakes. If you are lucky it is a small “whoopsie” but believe me there will be the BIG “WOOOPS!!!” coming through every now and then.

Mistakes 1

Mistakes 1

Most people agree that you should have the maturity to simply try to rectify it as much as possible, and then move along….

Not always that simple…

Sometimes a mistake can introduce three almost irrevocable consequences:

  • Emotive content becomes important when the situation is not based on fact alone and perception, interpretation and historic contributions add to the fuel of the fire.
  • Consequential emissions reside when the situation has calmed down and these consequences almost always outlast any situation irrespective of the severity of either.
  • Settlement pre-conditions can best be described as parties involved erect barriers which have to be overcome before attempts at resolution can be made.

These can range from understandable to ridiculous, small to insurmountable and from negotiable to cast in stone.

Mistakes also range from pure emotional, social or inter-personal to physical events (e.g. industrial accident). The mistakes that I would like to refer to in this post revolve around the human based ones.

So you overstep a boundary, get angry, say something inappropriate or even make a face or gesture – someone else get all fired up, hurt or humiliated…

Funny thing the present, it changes into the past sooooo quickly. The past is the past; nothing you can do today can repair yesterday… NOTHING…

Dealing with the past is tricky, because people look at the past each with their own sunglasses on (perception guided selective vision), ask anyone to give you their version of the happenings – Man, you will be shocked – You may end up wondering if you were there yourself.

Therefore when you do eventually make a booboo, ACT quickly… Try and resolve things as soon as you can… PERMANENTLY…


If you don’t, get a spade and start digging – probably your own grave…

Some notes on moving on…

Forgiveness is a process… It has steps (that everybody associated has to follow).

  1. Recognise that YOU (the person you face in the mirror) did something wrong – or contributed to a situation where another eventually ended up doing something wrong.
  2. Admit this to yourself and the ones affected by it with open honesty and integrity.
  3. Forgive them for their contributions AND forgive yourself for your own wrong doing.
  4. Find mutually acceptable methods to deal with the consequences.
  5. Insert preventative measures to limit the chances that this will happen again.
  6. Forgetting may be difficult (especially emotional content, consequences and settlement conditions) but try (Very very HARD).
  7. Keep your word – If you promised that it is over – THEN IT IS OVER…


Mistakes 2

Mistakes 2

Final thoughts…

Mistakes are the things intended to teach us the most wonderful things about ourselves… They expose so much vulnerability and unresolved private issues that it is almost inconceivable that we can grow as individuals without the BENEFIT of mistakes.


10 thoughts on “Mistakes – Lessons in life and humility

  1. Anton,
    Thanks for such a fresh perspective! You have certainly triggered quite a powerful reflection.
    I believe most of us are extremely tough at judging ourselves and tagging learning experiences as mistakes when actually we probably did the best we could under the given circumstances. That does not mean a lack of self-awareness but a constructive and assertive way of moving forward while taking the best we can from the experience.
    I absolutely love the slide “I’ve learned so much from my mistakes…I’m thinking of making a few more”. You are right on, I am so thankful to every single past experience even when ‘I should have known better’ or ‘listened more to my own instincts’.
    The important piece we all should embrace is learning and assuming we can CONTROL our thoughts and actions to be better human beings; therefore, more effective professionals and entrepreneurs of our lives.
    I have chosen to look at life as a journey for which I am the assigned lead explorer. Let’s explore and create the life we want and deserve.
    As Albert Einstein said: “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”
    All the best!

  2. Interpretation is a funny old thing ….. I have to admit mistakes don’t bother me as the process usually didn’t start out as such but may have ended up running into problems that didn’t respond to various solutions and at times I have had to put things on the back burner in order to free the mind and let time and a natural course of action rise to the surface which usually came about after various interactions from different sources… This enabled me to see the issue in a different way …. so was it a mistake or had I mistook the original scenario as something else 🙂

    The best part about it all is though, my 5 kids have learned so much about life from living with me and I with my parents … There are things they wouldn’t do, couldn’t do and will most certainly will do differently and in their own way just my being in my world …. That understanding gives me more pleasure than anything else ……

    The brain is an interesting and complex thing …. it needs to solve problems so if life is too perfect believe you me the brain will find something to work on be it outside of yourself or internally …..

    • We can learn a lot from others (including children)

      One of my favorite sayings – Learn from other people’s mistakes because you do not have enough time to make them yourself.

      Thank you so much for this beautiful comment…

  3. Thankyou also for making me think about this …… 🙂

    Technology and social media is turning out to be a more interesting tool than I would ever first have believed …

    “The whole is something else than the sum of it’s parts, because summing up is a meaningless procedure, whereas the whole part relationship is meaningful” Kurt Koffa

  4. Good blog Anton, forgiveness was the first thing God talked to me about after my first major business BOBOO!
    I took the direction and never looked back.

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