Priorities – Yes they make a difference.

Are you busy? Do you find it hard to balance work, children, house, garden, studies, reading, social interaction, faith, relationships, extended family, heath, fitness and oh yeah … the whole emotional maturity and stability thing into a single day?

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 Really, are you serious?

I don’t like using words like deranged, but really, seriously?

Are our lives that simple?

Can I decide that my daughter’s dentist appointment outweighs the importance of a business meeting based on some arbitrary rule base?

Does the car’s service have to be re-scheduled to fit in with my mother-in-law‘s visit or the other way round?

The TRUTH!!!!!

Our lives are a peculiar balancing act that is constantly shifting. For some the answers to the questions above may seem straight forward, but if that business meeting is a job interview, does it change things a bit? What if your mother-in-law is not the dragon lady from the dark side of the moon?

Priorities are guidelines to help us prepare for a specific moment in time where the choice between things becomes less clear; when it is not that simple…

How do we get this priority system installed? Where are the DVD‘s? How would someone else know what is more important in my life than the next thing?

Defining the Rules

You have to get to a moment where you can decide for yourself what the rules are that you live by. After all, this is the very thing that makes you so unique. This is who you are.

Below is a nice little picture that touches on all the things you are already balancing… See the problem?

Life Priorities - first 2 layers

Life Priorities - first 2 layers

 Of course, you don’t just balance two things; you juggle many things, many balls in the air at the same time.

That is why a simplistic bidirectional priority system will not work….

Look at the picture and let it “speak” to you. Each one of these first level elements jostles for as big a share of your attention as the next. We can’t simply come up with a rigid ranking system, can we?

I hope you said no, because life happens… Things change… So we have to define (for ourselves) how any one of the first level elements relates to all of the others.

Not so easy now?

At least now you understand how to ask the questions in the right way…

It will not make you coffee in the morning; it will not bring you the paper; but it will allow you to breathe…



Please comment, share, send others, post it on your sites just help as many other people as you can to breathe….

Have a happy day…


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