Biting the Bullet…. Live don’t exist

Dove = Love

Dove = Love


Today on his/her 75th birthday (insert your name here) died after living a full and productive 27375 (364*75) days on planet earth.

Within this lifetime there were (???) marriages, serious relationships and not so serious relationships.

These relationships produced (???) children now left grieving for their beloved parent.

(???) career paths were fitted in containing (???) different jobs.

Being a person that loved life, (???) properties were owned and sold, (???) cars came and went and a significant collection of (???) was left behind.

Most of all (insert your name here) was known for ______________________________ (this is actually where the good stuff belongs)

The entire planet mourns this significant loss and we will all benefit from the remarkable contributions this extraordinary human being made to the __________ fields.

Our condolences extend to the family and friends of this person as well as the gigantic number of fans.

(Please complete this to communicate what you would like your obituary to read like.)

Good and Bad

Good and Bad

Yes, we have only one life.

Yes, it is not a dress rehearsal, pilot implementation, practice run or practice exercise.

This is the one.

Yes, I hear you…. Your life is complicated and you have to contend with ….. amongst other things and you’re ….. is not helping.

Do excuses help?

Don’t they just delay the inevitable moment where you have to make the tough decision? Take the plunge? Step up to the plate?

Toughen up and take a stand. Draw the line. Do the difficult thing. Grow a spine.

We tend to shy away from the things that require serious effort, involve a lot of emotion or simply stress us out. We cower in little recesses of our minds, hoping it will pass, wishing it will deteriorate in severity or impact. We avoid these things for long periods of time but in the end – BANG!!!!!!

From my own personal experiences and what I have observed in my professional career, we can only grow through change, learn through sacrifice or pain and achieve when we expend effort.

This is a call to each and every one reading this to accept this fundamental rule, turn around and do the right thing. Address the tough and difficult things in your life.

YOU don’t have the time to waste. Do the math – you only have 364*(75-Your current age) =XXX days left.

Hurry up; you cannot waste one more day….

Please send this page to people you care for.

Share it, Add it, Like it, Click it… but don’t let it go to waste.

Saved by Angel

Saved by Angel

Have a great day!!


5 thoughts on “Biting the Bullet…. Live don’t exist

  1. Anton,
    such a well written and pushing me in the right direction blog.
    I always am grateful for being reminded how I want to be remembered and by whom because that is what it is all about.

  2. Hi Patrick,

    Thank you for the additional information. I have looked at your other work and I find it beautiful and stimulating.

    Hope you enjoy the season and I wish you a spectacular year to come, filled with love, laughter, prosperity and happiness…

    🙂 Anton

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