The importance of being thankful

We have busy and rushed lives; running like rats from the one seemingly important thing to the next. It is work, children, traffic, studies, money matters, relationships and so much more.

STOP just for a second….



Look at everything that is around you. Like at your life partner and see the love in their eyes, the admiration in your children’s faces and the open and honest encouragement that you get from everybody around you.

Look at this beautiful planet that was gifted upon us and see the wondrous things that pass us by; the beauty of rain, the purity in snow and the spectacular patterns that clouds and wind bring to our surroundings. Experience the sun on your skin, the chilly wind against your flesh and the abundance of air, fragrances and sounds that nature has on offer.

This is your life!!! It is not a dress rehearsal or a pilot project. You only have this one chance to enjoy it.

Identify the really important things in life; enjoy those and the rest will simply fit in.

How do I do that?

Identify the things that you can be grateful and thankful for. Measure just how thankful you SHOULD be about these things. Use that as a barometer to prioritize your life.

Some examples:

  • To hear your child laughing
  • To see your child playing
  • To experience a warm and loving embrace from your partner
  • To see love for you in someone else’s eyes
  • See the effect that your love has on someone else
  • Feel the warmth that comes from friendly company

Then compare how thankful you have to be towards your job, car, house, etc. (you have to be thankful for these too…) Then decide, what is more important?

How many times will your child be a toddler, teenager, young adult? How many jobs will you have? Which experience do you think is the most important?



Being thankful

Irrespective of your belief system, almost all of us have a higher being which we can approach and thank for these amazing things that we take for granted. Each of us would be able to identify numerous things to be thankful for that we stand in amazement, shocked at the immensity of it all; finding ourselves unable to speak, simply crying and looking up with open palms and a soft heart.

When you receive something, we are taught that it is polite to say thank you. We are adults; we can be polite without emotional content. If you add the genuine emotional content to the politeness, recognise what you have received; you open the door for more….

Being thankful is not about expecting more, but about experiencing contentment with what you have already received. It’s about the recognition of the importance of that which you already have. It is about the placement of value against gifts bestowed on us.


I cannot speak for other people, but when I experience honest thankfulness; my life fills up with a warm glow, gentle and soft emotions, comfort and tenderness. It is like the things that you have received increases in value, many times. The more thankful I am towards something, the more value it seems to have.

From personal experience I can tell you that thankfulness and gratefulness is one of the inexhaustible emotions (like love). The more you seem to give, the more you seem to get. I think it is impossible to be too grateful or thankful.

Life lesson

We constantly measure value – with money – how much is love worth?

We are the masters of our own value system, we decide how much something is worth (no one else can evaluate something on our behalf). Every time we are grateful or thankful towards something we increase its value. It has no boundaries, there is no limit…

You can increase the value of your life, experiences and environment without bounds – by simply being thankful……

Give yourself that value increase – show your child that he /she is valuable to you today; hug your life partner; enjoy your garden, feel the colour of life returning to you…

Thank YOU!!

Thank YOU!!

Thank you for reading this… I value your time and comments… Thank you……

(extracts and summations from The Management Imperative)

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