Goal Achievement and the Festive Season

Ho Ho Ho, yes it’s that time of year again… Hope that you realize that this year is really over.

But what now?

Three major things should dominate your life in the next 3 to 4 weeks – Reflection, planning and reinforcement.


Look back at the past year and as a few hard questions. Be creative and ask a few new questions like:

  • Reflect


    If I evaluate my spiritual growth when compared to my physical growth (any two aspects can be compared e.g. Financial, Intellectual, Spiritual, Emotional, Sexual / Physical, Cultural / Social) where did I grow the most?

  • Why did I grow more in this specific area?
  • Would better goal descriptions have helped?
  • How should I adapt my time management to achieve more and better results?
  • What worked really well? (Why, for how long, what can I learn from this?)
  • How do I “transplant” the really effective self-management techniques from one area of my life to another?

The idea here is to identify the areas where you did really well, and contrast that with the less successful areas. Try and understand why the differences exist. This may just provide you a significant and important insight with regards to who you are.


With some hard lessons learnt and a positive perspective on the period that has passed, be lavish and start setting some really harsh goals for the next year.

  • Planning Workflow

    Planning Workflow

    Remember that goal setting is instrumental in measurement and focussed achievement.

  • Make absolutely sure that the goals will stretch you – If not; it will be like driving a supercar on the school run (nothing really works).
  • Make sure these goals have time-lines and specific deliverables. (Not just for financial and professional areas.)
  • Visualize the desired result clearly, to ensure that the desired result is clearly understood.
  • WRITE IT DOWN. (This cannot be stressed enough….)

This will be complete when the weak and strong areas have been covered and each of them has tasks that have to be completed against a schedule and priority list.


So the past year has been dealt with, the coming year has been planned that leaves the most important time era…… NOW.

  • Family Time

    Family Time

    Be kind to yourself, your family, friends and to your environment.

  • Relax and recuperate.
  • Make laughter, happiness and enjoyment priorities.
  • Be romantic, spend some quality time and make others understand just how important they are to you.
  • Give generously and receive with an open heart.
  • Do something creative, impulsive and adventurous.

These simple mind-shifts would be possible if the “homework” was done. It aim is to “get ready” for the new year to follow in such a way, that you will smile when you think of this holiday.

These simple steps will allow you to enjoy your holiday or rest period irrespective of the amount of time available; it carries the “Guaranteed Success Approval Seal”. You deserve this….

So to all my friends out there – Merry Christmas and a Happy new year!!!!


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