Life Lessons from Rain

I live in a pretty arid part of the world. To us here rain is always welcome, precious and special; not just because it is scarce but rain has inherent to it many benefits that would escape an uninterested observer.




When rain starts falling at the beginning of the season (like now) the earth is parched and there is dust and pollen everywhere.


Dust and pollen are literally hanging in the air, lying on top of everything alive or dead, and it makes almost every living being sick. It clogs up repertory systems, blocks filters and makes absolutely everything dirty. As the rain falls it collects all the dust and then puts it down where it is needed. Little streams form and this carries dust and pollen particles for vast distances.

So what can we learn?

• Rain seems to cleanse everything it touches. It is so clean and pure that it has the capacity to drag the dust with it. Sometimes it is so bad that we have “mud rain” which is devastating to a clean car, but amazing to the air quality. – Lesson – If we are pure of spirit and clean of heart; we will clean everything we touch. If some contaminants have to be absorbed to achieve the cleansing process, so be it.

• The rain moves dust and pollen to other locations. We have to assume that it then leaves it where it is most beneficial to all elements concerned. – Lesson – Sometimes we have to make changes to an environment to improve it. We may have to move people and things to new areas or positions to ensure that they become “productive” again. (Remember that the rain moves itself during this too.)

• The rain separates and goes where it is wanted / needed. Some is soaked up by the ground, others run down to rivers and streams. – Lesson – We should be selective / sensitive in what we give and what we just carry along. Some areas are more receptive than others for us to penetrate and invigorate.

• The rain is a catalyst for growth. It allows nature to respond in exuberant bounty, all living things “come to life” is excited, procreate, germinate, spawn, or simply just laughs. – Lesson – Give the essence of what is needed to create growth; plant the seeds that would lead to birth or bloom. Give this unselfishly and without reserve.

• Rain does not differentiate; it falls on everything and everybody the same way. Rain is not influenced by species, race, colour, social or financial standing, male or female. – Lesson – Differentiating between different humans or other living thing based on some criteria has to be “left out” of the situation when we interact with other living organisms. Some would call it unconditional love, I don’t care what you call it; differentiation is not a “natural” response. Spread the love unconditionally.

• The recycling of water to form rain is an endless process that has apparently continued for millions of years. Every raindrop is newly formed, but the particles from which it is made is very old. – Lesson – Using what you have, repeatedly, it probably the most effective method to affect change.

• It does not rain all the time, when the requirement is gone, it stops. Clouds clear up and allow the sunshine through. – Lesson – Environments require different inputs to flourish. When you have done what you were required to do – move on. Others may receive the glory (rain does receive the accolades on a clear sunny day when the blossoms are out); it is more rewarding knowing inside what you have done.

• Rain comes in many forms; thunder and lightning, soft and penetrating, hurricane and misty; it is still rain. – Lesson – Few living organisms stay the same; they grow, going through changes. You can not expect of yourself to behave consistently all the time. It is actually through fluctuations and change that you grow. Stay true to yourself, everybody else is already taken.

• Rain is not always welcome, but it always arrives with a bundle of joy and a sprinkling of life. – Lesson – People and situations may not always be prepared and willing to accept what you have to offer. To them it may be inconvenient, untimely or simply unwanted. That is their problem. You just pour out what you have, the plants will grow and the animals need to drink.

• Rain can be destructive. It can cause flooding and is probably one of the most lethal of natural forces. – Lesson – Sometimes eggs need to break to get omelette. If you believe in a “higher purpose” the cause of short-term damage will benefit that environment in the longer term. You may not understand it, but you are there for a reason, at that time, feeling and responding the way you do. Do what you need to do.




Please see this as an opportunity to reflect, to think and forgive yourself and others.


As always I welcome comments with open arms.


2 thoughts on “Life Lessons from Rain

  1. Great article and such a nice articulation of “rain”. Very timely and much needed read today Anton. Thank you!

    It’s been raining a lot here in California also. Kind of reflective of my mood as well. Thank you for the reminder.

    I hope your well.


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