October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month – Thoughts on Care

Extract fromThe Management Imperative

Have you ever asked yourself why you take care with your appearance when you meet someone important? Why do we strive to have more and better? Is it greed or does it satisfy some other requirement?

Care can be measured.

Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness

Each of us measure care. It is not just empathy with others but the respect and dignity someone attaches to persons and objects around him/her. The way in which your daughter’s boyfriend takes care of his appearance, his possessions and himself is a clear indication of how he would care for your daughter.

When someone goes for a job interview, he/she takes great care to present the most positive possible image. The interviewer on the other hand knows this and therefore seeks for “under the skin” signs of caring. Specific choices in terms of language, mannerisms, areas of confidence, the detail deployed in preparing a resume and other tell tale signs are indeed an indicator to the extent the interviewee is a custodian of care.

A human’s ability to trust is directly linked to the evaluation of care. The more capacity to care someone exhibits, the easier it is to trust him/her with a valuable position or possession. Care is therefore directly related to trust, value and accountability.

So is care an attitude, thought process or behaviour pattern? Like many other things it starts with a decision followed by focussed thought patterns. These then lead to behavioural changes including speech, dress and other outwardly observable symptoms. With preservation this will change an attitude; I heard somewhere that this takes approximately 3 weeks.

Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness

Once the attitude is changed it will establish itself as normal behaviour and once this stage is reached people normally go into repetitive cycles of improvement based on confidence gathered from the results obtained from a previous cycle of improvement. This is what writers in the self-improvement industry refer to as personal growth. Anybody with a month’s worth of patience can change his or her life forever by following these simple steps.

Then there is the big question – Where do I begin? With care – care for yourself, it is not wrong, care for others with genuine intent, care for your possessions, care for other peoples’ possessions care for your family and loved ones.

I will guarantee that care is the only inexhaustible source of goodness on this earth. It knows no bounds and repays the caregiver many times over and it does so repeatedly.

Remember wherever you go, other people always measure you by this one value before anything else.

If you have a mother, sister, wife or a daughter do something to help increase awareness, prevent, cure.

Please share this message with EVERYBODY.


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