Understanding Decisions

We are all faced with huge numbers of decisions every day. They can vary in impact on our lives from absolutely critical to mundane. Two examples to illustrate this would be the decision to remain or leave your life partner (yes, you decide this every day) to what you are going to wear to work today.

The Power of Decision

The Power of Decision

We delude ourselves into thinking that some decisions “make themselves”. Staying with your current boy / girlfriend and not running after the hot new little ______ (Insert own), is either a conscious or a subconscious decision that you make repeatedly. By repetition, it becomes “automatic” and would require something significant to remove it from automatic to the active state.

The second misconception that we share is that some decisions are less important than others. “What am I wearing to work today?” may have life altering effects. I am sure most of you can connect the dots and come up with why this is true.

So what are the rules?

  • All decisions are important as they determine or contribute to the construction of your life path.
  • All decisions should be made with honesty and integrity. (you, mother and grandmother should be proud.)
  • Planning is permitted, but a decision should be made in the now (not based on future or past perspectives.)
  • Emotional content of decisions should be acknowledged, questioned and understood. A decision made out of fear or another “negative” emotion can and will not yield positive results.
  • The attitude with which a decision is made will have a direct effect on the results produced by the decision.
  • Deferring or avoiding the making of a decision is a decision – acknowledge it. Hiding a problem or hiding from it does not make it go away!
  • All decisions are permanent – there is no temporary solution.
  • Each decision will have consequences.
  • You will have a 50% success rate (it is a statistical and natural law).
  • Decisions can be changed, reversed and adapted. The consequences not.
  • Decisions are the element by which your are measured.
  • Consequences are always seen, the decision that led to the consequence my be obscured.
  • Each decision with a negative, bad or unpleasant consequence is a well disguised learning and / or growth opportunity.
  • No amount of stress or anxiety will positively contribute to the making of a decision.
  • Each decision is followed by relief, dopamine and an increase in self-confidence.
  • Nobody needs permission to make a decision.


So don’t be a sissy, get off your butt and go and change the world!!!

If you have thoughts, comments or would like to add to the list of rules, DO IT.


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