Review – Strategy, Leadership and the Soul

Strategy Leadership Soul

Strategy Leadership Soul

Book Title: Strategy, Leadership and the Soul

Author: Jennifer Sertl and Koby Huberman

Publisher: Triarchy Press

Date: 2010/08/30

This book explores the concepts Strategy, Leadership and the Soul; what they mean, what they should mean as well as how they are related.

First off, there is a lot of information in this book, presented in an extraordinarily professional manner. It communicates as an entity stating an objective and then proceeds with fulfilling that objective. Upon completion of an objective there is a summation or recap. The style of communication is clear, precise and does not include unnecessary fluff or filling.

What impressed me the most about the content was the natural mix of hard facts (based on significant research – obvious) with deep insight and a unique perspective on business, its history and the future. Countless times I found myself evaluating information presented against my own experiences and then exclaiming – “Wow, never saw this perspective before.”

There were two significant surprises in the book for me. First it promises to tell you what the next generation of business challenges would be; that done it proceeds and forecasts the one that would follow on that…. The second surprise resides in the simple and logical stepped “programs” to implement, guaranteeing the ability for any organization to address the challenges to come…

Yes, it is a lot of information. But this book should be able to keep your nose in it for the duration.

If you have a pulse and you see your leadership position as a profession; inclusive of moral, ethical and professional standards you cannot afford to miss this book.

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