This is not a Rehearsal – It is your life

Seems like our lives have become very busy, to such an extent that we sometimes don’t have the time to ask basic questions:

Am I still on the right track?

Am I still achieving what I set out to do?

Are those things that I set out to do still relevant?

Am I happy?

I know these seem like simplistic questions but honestly, we are running around and doing so many different things that we don’t have time to measure what we are so busy with.

Happy Human

Happy Human

Quote: What we do in this life matters.

Yes, it does.

We have numerous aspects all screaming for attention – Emotional, Financial, Physical, Intellectual, Spiritual and Cultural/Social. We need to have goals, and we need to divide time, and we need to prioritise…….

Sometimes it gets overwhelming, and we need to take some stock of where we are. We need to step away from the rat race and evaluate what we are doing (not what others are doing – what are you doing).

Quote: If you are not in control of your life; what is?

We need to evaluate the values and norms that guide every action that we take. We need to consider what it is that we are so busy with. If we don’t we don’t have any say in what our future looks like. We have to do this OR relinquish control of our destiny. We have to know where we want to go BEFORE we embark on the journey. (This is all stuff you have heard before.)

So how do I address this?

What do I do?

  1. Get some distance and time for yourself.
  2. Relax and calm down
  3. Look at your life and evaluate the things you are doing. (Ask questions like the ones posted in the introduction).
  4. Find the elements that do not contribute positively to your happiness.

How do I do it?

  1. Decide what is important to you NOW
  2. Decide who you are – What you stand for – What you want
  3. These values should be:
    1. Difficult (you must not be sure that you can achieve them)
    2. Honest (you must proud of them)
    3. Honorable (your mother should be proud of them)
    4. Decent (your grand mother should be proud of them)
    5. Internal (your own, not someone else’s)

What Next?

  1. Record it physically (writing, voice recorder – something)
  2. Understand what you can change (you may not be able to change your car, but you can change how you drive it)
  3. Don’t do anything stupid (resigning or just dropping a relationship may require other things to occur before…)
  4. Push through (some of these things may require determination, guts or some conviction)

Share this with others. Tell friends, people in some group anybody – they might need it more that you think.


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