The Difference Between – Right and Understandable

I hope to start a series based on the difference between concept. Sometimes we seem to confuse the meanings of words.

After the fact view

To be honest, must of us end up doing something wrong, foolish, plain stupid, illegal, immoral or dangerous at some point of our lives.

Once this milestone is achieved we “defend” our position through a process known as justification. Through this complex and sometimes very “entertaining” process we try to explain our actions in a way that would reduce the elements like: short-sightedness, plan dumb, brain fade, and / or absolutely stupid.

As a consequence we end up trying to get other people to a place where they would admit that “under the circumstances” they would have acted in a similar or like manner. This is intended to remove some of the shame or embarrassment associated with the action we took.

If this goal is achieved we often move on – our actions explained and therefore UNDERSTANDABLE.

It does not remove the wrongness (sorry for word but is just worked) of what we did. It does not lessen the consequences of our deeds, nor does it remove the event from existence.

Great Inventions

Great Inventions

Before the fact view

We want to achieve a certain goal. We know it isn’t RIGHT but we can explain our way around it. We encounter the word justify again where we take some concept, idea or product and we explain it in such a way that it becomes UNDERSTANDABLE why someone would require or even need it.

Two simple examples – Cigarettes and Alcohol.

I’m not taking a political stance here – I smoke and I take the occasional drink – but is there anybody that can tell me these industries are doing something that is RIGHT?


I think that we sometimes use a situation to justify something that would be UNDERSTANDABLE under certain conditions and then apply that UNDERSTANDABLE event to applications that are completely irrelevant.

This may explain why we take something that we all agree is NOT RIGHT but skew it enough to become acceptable.


Should we then try to fix the problem, undo the wrong, confess the sin and prevent something that is not right from happening?

We all live in this world, work somewhere and live in communities. How important is – DOING THE RIGHT THING?

This is the moment where divergence, separation and division between people occur.

Some feel that as a rule we should make every attempt to make things RIGHT; others my feel that trying to make it RIGHT may cause more damage; some say – what is done is done.

What are your views in this – Please leave a comment…….


2 thoughts on “The Difference Between – Right and Understandable

  1. Hence brings up the next line of questions…….
    Who gets to judge what is right or wrong?
    Who, who has no blood on their own hands have the right to judge?
    Who gets to decide what is right or wrong for someone else?
    Who decides a murder is bad, IF, under the same circumstances and having lived the same life (not the one they did) they MAY have behaved the same way and done the same thing?
    Are any of us better than each other?

    We each have our role to play…..if there was no friction, there could be no growth….

    Who says the world isn’t perfect?

  2. Hi Raven,

    Good to hear from you again.

    I think that we can only judge for ourselves what we perceive to be right and wrong. There are exceptions to this e.g. If I am a Christian then the 10 commandments should count.

    The only way in which I think someone can decide for someone else what is right or wrong is when one person accepts responsibility and accountability for the person.

    Parents, school teachers, ministers and social and professional leaders have distinct boundaries in which they may “guide” those in their charge or custody towards “better” judgement of right and wrong. We all have to learn this somewhere.

    Your question – Who, who has no blood on their own hands have the right to judge? I live in South Africa, how would you like me to respond?

    My personal view on this is that if someone has made peace with God (for others Creator, Universe and what you may believe in) and has confessed, repented and accepted forgiveness, according to my understanding that person’s sin has been forgiven. Sorry very dangerous ground this……

    US constitution states that “God created all men equal” – I can’t seem to find it in scripture. What really matters to me is that we all were born (selected) from an almost infinitely large pool of possibility -> and here we are – unique, amazing and gorgeous.

    Thanks for making me jump through hoops.


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