Brain-fade, Distraction and Frustration – Do u suffer?

Yes, I know this is way different from the content that I usually provide.

It is just this week these elements seemed to have combined to challenge me like never before.


Brain-fade – Loss of intellectual connection to relevant information required to perform at required level.

Distraction – Attacks perpetrated by semi to not important demands on your attention or time.

Frustration – GRRRRRRRRRRR this is not working………

I think it is entirely possible to for anybody to experience some of these in our current information overloaded world. You have hundreds of mails coming from everywhere, people asking questions, trying to sell you stuff (one of my favourites) and the phone and the Instant Messenger and…. You should get the drift by now.

I am fortunate to be at work very very early. It allows me to catch up with my Australian friends before they go home and I have to admit, the quiet allows me to concentrate. Then the rush, the noise, the deadlines and then the traffic, the children’s homework and they still have to eat something, incessant TV and at last bed time…. (All the while the phone is pinging you nuts as the Americans have now woken up and started working.)



Then at three in the morning it hits you:

It was _________’s (insert name) __________ (insert birthday, wedding anniversary, etc.) which is a catastrophe on _______ (insert Richter magnitude scale rating).

The vitally important ___________ (whatever) had to be collected by ________

(Now you can insert your own anecdote and POWER words.)

I need a week-end – but wait, (the person you forgot) the birthday party is on Saturday and we have to get a present and things to take with and …..

I need a vacation – Oh yes that was the booking I forgot……

Where to from here?

How do we get back to the “basics” or the “stuff that matters”?

I can’t speak for everybody, but my salvation lies in planning. (I can hear you saying – if I get the time – over there….)

We are just humans, not machines. If we can not separate what is important to us from the rest, we are doomed…. Our productivity, health, enjoyment and quality of life deteriorate.

This is where I should pitch – read my book “The Management Imperative” and it will show how to overcome these, but not today :-).

Take a break and breathe my friend and if you can, leave me a comment.

Have a fantastic weekend.


2 thoughts on “Brain-fade, Distraction and Frustration – Do u suffer?

  1. Very nice work Anton……yes how we can make ourselves suffer with this!

    Personally speaking I can relate to all of these at any given moment of late!

    And your Australian friends love you getting up so early to talk to us 🙂

  2. LinkedIn Group – Leaders & Thinkers

    Clair Parker • Hey, cool term…brain-fade…I’d like to order your book – soon as I get done with my morning emails and get another coffee and find my PayPal account info…blast, where did I put that password? I’ll have to get back to you, remind me later today. thanks.

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