The Management Imperative – What and Why

As most of you know, I am a human focussed management professional with a passion to look after the people that are being “managed.”

What I find curious is the fact that NOBODY is prepared to get into a car, onto a bicycle or any other mode of transport to go anywhere without:

  • Destination
  • Route
  • Resources Analysis (enough petrol, food, money, etc.)
  • Task Management (when you reach point A do 1, 2 and 3, when you reach point B do 4 and 5 – etc.)
  • Completion Description (your journey have completed when you reach point N and completed tasks 1 – 23)


These same people are willing to live their lives without a trace of a plan, strategy, destination, time table or list of tasks. (That would be US, you and me.)

This I find it both PUZZLING and WEIRD.

The Management Imperative

The Management Imperative

Personal Management

This book was intended to “activate” the concept of personal management where it takes accepted, proven and effective business management principles and show people how to apply it to their lives.

The second element that the book hopes to achieve is to make people aware that their own experiences are valuable and can make a positive impact on their lives.

To ensure that the book addresses people from all walks of life and includes even experienced managers into the readership fold, I proposed a method by which management maturity can be “measured” and obviously improved.

The second titbit is the description of a new method for gaining a strategic advantage. Called the Value Grid it will allow people and organisations to increase both their client satisfaction levels and reduce their operating risk or exposure AT THE SAME TIME.

The other interesting inclusion is the exercises (Dependant on the specific version you have) which are aimed at “getting the reader off the ground” quickly. These guidelines are deceptively simple but do pack a wallop because they deal with principles and not symptoms. [If you have a version that does not include the exercises go to FutureTrust – they are available there for download.)

So is it a pure management book – No

Is it a self-improvement book – No

Is it boring – No

So what is it?

It is a book tat will change your views, challenge some of you beliefs and definitely remove A LOT of excuses that you though were valid.

It will wake you up!!! Startle you and hopefully show you that tomorrow can be SO MUCH MORE than today, it is unbelievable.

The only thing holding you back is ——— YOU

Get it or regret it…..

The Management Imperative:

Have a fantastic day.. 🙂


12 thoughts on “The Management Imperative – What and Why

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  4. Hi, Anton,
    Looks to be a fabulous book.
    With my dissertation on leadership due in this month, I wish I had come across it earlier.

    There is exception to the rule of course……about jumping into a car without a map

    My husband spent many years with the Inuit. This means that to him the JOURNEY is of importance – the destination less so.
    He does not always need to know where he is going – what is important is that he knows how to find his way back. He found that “watching his back trail” was more important in the Arctic where there were no roads, no mobile phones, but endless little lakes that all began to look the same after a while.
    If you could survive there, you could make it anywhere.

    What I found most interesting was his story of how, in his late teens, he built a shed. The Arctic is above the tree line and there were no stores.
    He used flotsam and jetsam and bent or used nails, and, without a common language, managed to work with the patriarch of the family.
    It took time, patience, effort and skill.
    As an effort in collaboration, it must stand out.
    Everyone learned – and eventually, (despite great scepticism) – benefited. These had been a nomadic people until a few years before my husbands arrival – therefore they had never used a shed, nor seen the possibilities of one.
    And now, as things change for us globally, we will have to use resources we dismissed previously.
    Thoughts for you……every little helps!

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